16 June: Succubus

“Don’t leave me!” she cried, falling to her knees onto the wet concrete. “Please… I promise I’ll… I’ll…”
“You can’t fool me,” he replied, his voice calm and steady, his face a blank canvas devoid of emotion. “I know what you are. Get away from me.”
“No!” she screeched, her head falling into her hands, tears erupting like water pouring from a dam. “You can’t… Please, I promise I’ll do better, I promise I’ll try harder… I…”
“No,” he interrupted, taking a step away from her, his grey eyes lifeless and empty. “I’ve had enough of your promises, your lies.”

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15 June 2013: The Glamour

“Hello and welcome. I’m Richard, your attendant. Your bedroom is down the corridor. You’ll find your bed pre-made, warm and ready for you. If you prefer a shower first, you have an ensuite in the room. The water in the shower contains additives to give you supple, soft skin. Hungry or thirsty? The cupboard in your room is stocked full of an arrangement of the most delicious delicacies. All the food is hand-made by our resident chefs. Anything you need help with? Just ring the bell. Somebody will be there immediately. Here’s your key, enjoy your stay at The Glamour.”

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14 June 2013: Monsters

Lying back on the cold, wet grass, he looked up into the heavens. The deep black darkness of the sky made the glittering stars all the more strange and glorious. As he starred up into the sky, he began to wonder. Surely there was more out there than just this, than just this world. In a universe full of wonders, how could they, the human race, be it? Surely there must be something better, something stronger, something much more incredible. Despite their protestations, humans were nothing but animals, following their instincts at every step, blind to their own disaster. Monsters.

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13 June 2013: Hannah

Oonce, oonce oonce, the music went. Hannah bounced along, bottle in one hand, her hips swinging in time to the beat. The girl on the left had her arms around her boyfriend, their lips crushed together in a wild frenzy. The girl on the right was busy breaking it down with a stranger. The twinkle in her eyes said she was going home with him tonight. Sighing, Hannah lifted the bottle and took a swallow, feeling the alcohol run through her veins. Poisoning her, freeing her. She closed her eyes and danced, feeling nothing but the pounding of the song.

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12 June 2013: The Scream

Little by little, her eyes began to peel open. The tiniest crack separated her eyelids and a brilliant white light poured in, flooding her pupils with a power so bright that she fell to the ground in agony, her whole body convulsing upon the dark concrete tiles beneath her. She threw back her head and screamed: an agonizing yet beautiful song, a sound so intense that it would burn the skin straight off the body of anyone who dared to listen. She clung to the floor in desperation, the sound of her own voice echoing beyond her, into the universe.

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11 June 2013: The Lonely Castle

‘The Lonely Castle’, they called it. For as long as they could remember, it had stood empty and hollow, falling to ruin. Was it once a palace filled with princesses who danced all night long? Was it a prison, where the most dangerous criminals were kept? Did a boy and girl, just like them, once grow up there? Every day the children contemplated, dreaming of a world gone by, lifetimes lost and people long dead. What was once a mansion full of wonder was now an empty shell of rotten wood, forgotten even to the memories of those who knew.

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10 June 2013: My Dressing Gown

I’m in my dressing gown. It’s pink and fluffy and cuddly, the best dressing gown in the world. You might even call it royal-like. Fit for a queen. A queen who would rule over a vast kingdom with thousands of loyal subjects who all flock to her and kneel at her feet because they all know she is the best queen they have ever had. A dutiful queen: firm but kind. A queen with a palace with three hundred rooms that have walls encrusted with diamonds. I could be a good queen, waving from the balcony in my dressing gown.

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